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BSF's 'kissan guards'

19-07-2017 10:30 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

BSF's 'kissan guards' | My Indian Dream

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BSF’s gesture wins border farmers' hearts

Farmers having their cultivable land beyond border fence need not worry about facing the heat of the recent bitterness in India-Pakistan relations as the Border Security Force is doing their bit to help the farmers of border areas.

Amrik Singh, a farmer who owns six acres of land beyond border fence said that it is the paddy sowing season and he was wary that BSF might impose restrictions or close the gates in advance due to tensions at the border, but to his pleasant surprise the force has shown generosity and is even helping the farmers whenever the need arises.

A BSF inspector on duty at one of the border gate stated that there have been cases where farmers indulge in cross border smuggling or divulging information to Pak Rangers. Some farmers have even been found cultivating poppy in their fields situated beyond the fence. Therefore, they have to adopt strict measures like putting restrictions on farmers’ movements or frisking their implements as it is a matter of national security.

A local farmer Sukhdev Singh said that they felt secure in presence of BSF's 'kissan guards' who escort them beyond border fence and provide them with security cover.

General secretary, Border Areas Sangarsh Committee Rattan Singh Randhawa said that the presence of Kissan Guards makes the farmers feel safe and comfortable to do their work and adds to their confidence while working in the field. He added that the fear of being attacked by some elements from Pakistan side always loomed large over the farmers, but the presence of BSF subdues their fears.


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