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Baxi service in Chandigarh too

20-06-2017 06:30 AM | MIND Correspondent | My Indian Dream

Baxi service in Chandigarh too | My Indian Dream

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To help solo commuters travel fast and economically less, Baxi service will be started in next month.

We all knew the service of Baxis (Bikes that operate as taxis) in Goa. Now, the well-planned city Chandigarh will have the same service in a months time. Residents can now reach their destination in less time and money after this project starts working. Rajiv Tewari, the state transport authority secretary informed that the project will start in next month. As per a report published in Hindustan Times he said, “The transport department is finalising the policy regarding baxis. It won’t take more than a month.” The time and distance covered will determine the fare of Baxi.

The idea has received a mixed response from residents with some having a positive response at the same time others having some doubt in its operation. But no doubt this service will be cost effective and it will also help to beat the traffic chaos in the city and one can reach their destination comparatively faster then four-wheeler. The service of Baxis is also eco-friendly and less consumption of fuel as single commuter can avoid usage of four-wheeler and travel by Baxi.

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