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Bengaluru forest department to issue green passports

03-08-2017 02:00 PM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Bengaluru forest department to issue green passports | My Indian Dream

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A move to promote tourism

Bengaluru is home to many popular trekking spots which is why the forest department is planning to offer guided tours to enable visitors to explore the enchanting eco trails.

It hit upon the novel idea of issuing green passports to trekkers. The passport will be stamped once the visitor completes a particular trek. The passport will be assigned a unique number and it will acknowledge every trek that the person has accomplished.

The forest department will award a certificate to the one who finishes the entire trail.

Vinay Luthra, chairman, Karnataka Eco-Tourism Development Board (KEDB) said that with this initiative, the department hopes to end illegal trekking in forests. It will also help to promote tourism by motivating youngsters to come closer to nature.

He said that the department has identified 11 eco- trails located in the Western Ghats. They are awaiting a date from the forest minister B Ramanath Rai to launch the project.

A source from the forest department informed that the each trail will span  7km to 14km, and can be completed in a day. Around 30 youngsters have been recruited locally and trained to work as guides for the project. A fee will be charged from the trekkers which will be given to the guides so that it will provide them with a livelihood.


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