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 Century old water fountain gets a life

23-06-2017 09:00 AM | MIND Correspondent | My Indian Dream

 Century old water fountain gets a life | My Indian Dream

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 Bringing back the glory of old Bombay

With the help of residents association in South Mumbai, a century-old historical water fountain is now in working condition again. The water fountain called as Ruttonsee Muljee Jetha Fountain at Fort’s Mint Road after its restoration work was inaugurated recently. As per a report published in The Times of India, civic chief Ajoy Mehta said, "We want to restore Mumbai to its old glory." Lined with small candles and garlands, the fountain is one of 17 sites, which the BMC is working on restoring in A ward.

This water fountain, which was constructed 123 years before, has 42 spouts and there are many shapes of crocodiles and cow heads carved intricately into soft Porbondar stone. 

The fountain also has a sculpture of a boy Dharamsee Muljee for whom the water fountain was constructed as a memory. The boy sculpted looks busy reading a book. 

His father, Ruttonsee Muljee, had the edifice designed by renowned architect FW Stevens and the principal of JJ School of Art John Griffiths, after his son's death in 1889. BMC began the restoration process in March with conservation architect Vikas Dilwari. Starting with clearing out weeds and excavating the structure. 

The restoration process began in March with conservation architect Vikas Dilawari at the helm. It's initial stages involved clearing out weeds and excavating the structure, which had slipped below the level of the road. 

A member of Dilawari's conservation team said, “We found the major water connection, a central brass shaft leading to the cows head. All connections are from this. The original system is intact, we connected it to a pump.”

The Kala Ghoda Association also funded this project by contributing Rs 60 lakh and has also taken the responsibility to maintain the water fountain. 


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