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The Story Of A Lad Who Rides The Tallest Cycle In India

07-11-2017 01:30 PM  
Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream   

The Story Of A Lad Who Rides The Tallest Cycle In India | My Indian Dream

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Maker of tallest bicycle eyes for Guinness Record

Chandigarh lad Rajeev Kumar has made the tallest bicycle in India and holds the record for riding the tallest cycle in India. While one would be wary of riding a bicycle taller than one’s height, Rajeev Kumar has designed a bicycle that is twice the height of an average human being. He has won accolades for riding such a bicycle and his name is entered in the Limca Book of Records.

Popularly known as Johnny, Rajeev Kumar who rides the tallest cycle in India, through his endeavour wishes to make people aware of the benefit of cycling. He believes that cycling not only reduces health problems but also lowers the levels of population in the country.

The cycle is really awe-inspiring with a height of eight feet, six inches. The height of the tallest cycle in India can be further expanded to 10 feet and two inches. Rajeev Kumar who now aims for the Guinness Record always wanted to do something special. He designed and created India’s tallest bicycle and it is his prized possession.

Earlier, Rajeev Kumar was brave enough to make a 13 feet tall cycle and ride it, but it had to be dismantled as the Chandigarh authorities banned it as they felt it may not be safe not only for the driver but also for the travellers on the road.


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