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Childless Couple Are Now Parents Of 51 Children

09-12-2017 06:30 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Childless Couple Are Now Parents Of 51 Children | My Indian Dream

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51 children taken under the wings of love and care

A farmer couple in Uttar Pradesh remained childless for a decade. When they realized that they no longer will be able to bear children, they adopted a disabled boy in 1990. Then, there was no looking back and now they are proud parents of 51 children.

The couple has built an orphanage on an eight-bigha plot of donated land in Shukrtaal. There is also a small school on the premises. Their main focus is on the education of all children.

At present, the couple is taking care of 46 children. Others grew up, took up jobs, got married and moved away. The entire expenditure of the orphanage is met through donations.

Mother to the orphaned children, Meena Rana is now 50 and her husband Virendra Rana wholeheartedly assists her in her work for the children. Meena said that she didn’t care to which religion the child belonged to. All she knew was that they are her children and she brings them up with lots of care with the focus on their education.

There are 19 are girls and 27 boys, living with them now, many of them physically challenged. The orphanage has a fully equipped kitchen, rooms and a big playground.

Virendra stated that the Shukrtaal gram panchayat helped them with a bigger plot of land. For supplies and other essentials, they depended on donations. He was grateful to their neighbours who provided them with wheat and other basic food items.

Several children like Mamta,22 have completed their graduation and now volunteer at the orphanage. Mamta who is doing her post graduation is very grateful to the couple who took such good care of her and secured her future.

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