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Comic books based on CRPF to inspire school children

07-08-2017 05:00 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Comic books based on CRPF to inspire school children | My Indian Dream

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Comic books depict real battles of the CRPF

The heroic battles and tales of the CRPF will now be known to all, especially kids as they now appear as comic books. The commandos of CRPF will be the real stars of the comic world.

Many of the battles of the paramilitary force have been presented in a comic book series – Shurya Gathaein. As the CRPF celebrated its 78th Raising Day last week, two books – Dheer Dharmendra and Bahadur Biresh were released. There are now 10 books in all that recount the real life stories of its battles as well as its heroes.

According to the CRPF officials, the series was started in September 2015 so that younger generation would get acquainted with the heroics of the CRPF and be inspired. The courageous tales will kindle feelings of patriotism in them and motivate them to serve the country.

One such real story is Sardar Post - Ek Shaurya Gatha which is based on the 1965 attack on Sardar Post and narrates how only 150 CRPF men fought back against 3,500 Pakistani soldiers.

The Hot Springs battle in North Eastern Ladakh in 1959 against China in which 10 CRPF men lost their lives and the Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi attack of 2005 (Ayodhya Ke Shoorveer) are some other true stories that were made into comic books.

The bravery of those jawans who are recipients of the President Gallantry Award are depicted as individual stories for the comic books.

The official informed that these books are distributed free of cost at Kendriya Vidyalayas and CRPF libraries. Currently, these books are only in Hindi and are available in both print and digital format.

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