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Country can witness partial lunar eclipse on August 7

04-08-2017 10:30 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Country can witness partial lunar eclipse on August 7 | My Indian Dream

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Nehru Planetarium all set to cater curious visitors...

A partial lunar eclipse will appear on August 7 and the good news is that it will be visible from all places in India. The eclipse can be seen from 10:52 pm and will continue up to 12:49 am on August 8.

 A statement by the ministry of earth sciences revealed that the entire partial eclipse will be visible from central and east Africa, central Russia, China, India, the Far East and most of Australia

A partial lunar eclipse happens when the earth is between the sun and the moon, but they are not in a straight line in space. Therefore, only a portion of the earth’s shadow will fall on the moon.

The ministry informed that this year, only a small fraction of the earth’s shadow will fall on the Moon at maximum eclipse.

The Nehru Planetarium in Delhi is all set to cater to curious visitors. It has set up telescopes at Teen Murti Lawns from 9 pm on Monday night. The visitors will be able to observe the moon before the eclipse and the partial phases of the eclipse ( 1 hour 57 minutes).

Total lunar eclipse happens when the sun, earth and moon are in a straight line. The sun is behind the earth and its light casts earth’s shadow on the moon. The moon is entirely covered by the earth’s shadow.

It will occur on January 31 next year and will also be visible from India.


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