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Cycling All The Way To Glory

18-12-2017 08:00 AM  
Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream   

Cycling All The Way To Glory | My Indian Dream

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A homemaker achieves a milestone

Megha Jain,  a cyclist from Ludhiana has made a unique record by pedaling 1,000 kms from Delhi to Wagah Border in less than 75 hours. She has now enrolled in the supercategory tag by a French-based group.

Not content with that, she is now preparing to achieve another big milestone of 1,400 kms in one go in just five days. This she plans to achieve at an event in Nepal.

At the behest of her psychologist,  Megha started cycling in April last year as she was emotionally down. Initially, she started with 200 km ride from Ferozepur to Hoshiarpur area and later on covered the 300 km ride from Patiala to Bathinda.

Eventually, she pedaled all the way to Delhi covering a distance of 600 km in 34 hours. Megha, an arts graduate and homemaker then attempted 1,000-km ride from the national capital to Wagah and covered the distance in just three days on December 5.

Megha said that she started cycling for health reasons and it had paid her great dividends. She has overcome her thyroid problem and her stamina has increased tremendously. Now her focus is on Nepal cycling tour competition in which she would aim to cover around 1,400 km.

She has a message for all those who feel depressed - "They should pursue this hobby for healthy and happy life."



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