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Delhi Walk Festival To Explore The Capital

03-11-2017 10:00 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Delhi Walk Festival To Explore The Capital | My Indian Dream

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Explore the Mughal era city in the 11-day-event

The third edition of Delhi Walk Festival (DWF) has commenced on November 2.  The 11-day event offers an opportunity to explore the national capital on foot. It hopes to generate curiosity and appreciation for the lesser known and unfamiliar sites in the city.

This year, the DWF is offering  170 walks including three major historical sites — the Mughal-era city of Shajahanabad, Mehrauli, and Nizamuddin.

Celebrity authors, historians, filmmakers, architects, ecologists, anthropologists, musicians, and other renowned persons from various fields will be leading the walk. According to the organizer, the third edition of DWF promises to be bigger and better, with more walk leaders, fresh concepts, and more areas to discover the city.  

Aastha Chauhan, festival director informs, “The DWF is obviously about walking. Walk to discover, to get lost, to learn, to unlearn, to know your city better. But mostly walk to find yourself through these myriad frameworks of urban existence.”

She said that there are plans to start this festival in other major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Jodhpur.

Some celebrities who are expected to take participants on a journey to explore the city are Aruna Roy (social activist), Shashi Tharoor (politician), Vinod Dua (journalist),William Dalrymple (historian), Iqbal Ahmad Khan (Delhi Gharana), Ram Rehman (photographer), Vikram Soni (physicist), Gautam Bhan (urbanist), Shahzi Zaman (novelist), MK Raina (director), Samar Jodha (artist), Joe Baath (Master Chef).


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