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Delhi police deploys women officers for patrolling

30-05-2017 01:41 PM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Delhi police deploys women officers for patrolling | My Indian Dream

To make Delhi safer for women, the Delhi police have deployed women officers for patrolling duty who will engage with women and help them by bringing eve teasers to the book

In Delhi, eve teasers and people who harass women will not be spared as the city streets are being patrolled by tough women officers who have been deployed to aid women and make streets safer for them. 

Chinmoy Biswal, additional DCP I (South) said that more women were being inducted into the police force and there was a need to empower them. Hence they were given training for patrolling duty which is considered to be a male domain. He said that seven women cops have been provided with four bikes and have already joined the patrolling duty while more women are undergoing training and are slated to join soon.

A senior police officer said that women cops have been assigned patrolling duty in slum areas and crowded markets. People have started identifying the yellow patrolling bikes and sirens used by the women cops and they become more cautious. It will prove as a deterrent to eve teasers. 

The women officers are very excited about their patrolling duty. Sangam Yadav is the youngest constable at her police station and she feels very thrilled as well as responsible for her patrolling duty. It has been only a week since she started her duty and she states that ever since many distressed women have approached her for help.

Constable Birma claims that people look at her as if she is a film star and that she feels like a celebrity during those five hours of patrol duty. It has been only five days since she commenced her patrolling duty and she believes that she has much more to do and much more people to help.

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