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Know What is so Unique About this Mobile App made by Delhi Schoolboy

05-10-2017 10:30 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Know What is so Unique About this Mobile App made by Delhi Schoolboy  | My Indian Dream

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An innovative invention to solve attendance issues

With the need to attend coaching classes and the minimum attendance required in college, students are always in a dilemma about giving priority to both. Anirudh Goyal, a class 12 student has developed an interesting mobile application which enables students to calculate attendance in the long run.

Goyal said that the app caters to students of various schools as it takes into account different schedules. “The app asks you to input your current attendance and how much minimum attendance you need to achieve. Using this information, it will let you know how many days you need to attend classes, how many days you can take off and will give you a warning if your attendance is dropping so you can compensate for the same on time,” says Goyal.

Goyal is a bright student. Unfortunately, he had to take sick leaves when he got tonsils and preparatory leaves before exams that led to a drop in his attendance. He was questioned by the school authorities for his poor attendance. That is when Goyal decided to make an app that will help students to calculate the required attendance.

The app is called “Attendx.” It is the first of its kind to cater to students. It is also unique as it has been customised to “the peculiarities that present-day school students face”.


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