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On this 10th July be a part of this unique birthday party that you never heard before

06-07-2017 11:30 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

On this 10th July be a part of this unique birthday party that you never heard before | My Indian Dream

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Delhi Zoo to host a party that the city has never seen before

The Delhi zoo not only cares for the upkeep of its animals but also plans to celebrate their birthday. It is preparing for the birthday celebrations of Vijay the tiger who turns 10 on July 21.

Vijay, the white tiger is one of the most popular attractions of the zoo. A party will be organized for him on July 20 as July 21 is Friday when the zoo will remain closed. A big cake has been ordered for the occasion and lots of kids have been invited.

School children will also be invited and they can participate in various events including a quiz competition. The children will also be given lectures on white tigers and their habitat.

For all selfie fans, there will be cutouts of the cat placed near its enclosure so that visitors can take selfies.

The next birthday bash will be that of Rita, a 57-year-old chimpanzee who has lived in the zoo since 1964. Rita, who is the oldest animal in the zoo came to Delhi in 1964 from the Amsterdam zoo. Unfortunately, the zoo authorities here do not have a record of her birth date. They have decided to dedicate a day to celebrate the zoo's oldest animal.

Zoo Director Renu Singh said that they are compiling a list of birth dates of all animals. They want to bring into the limelight even those animals the visitors don't pay much attention to. It will also give an opportunity to children to interact with the animals and know more about them.

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