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Diagnostic centres offer free blood tests to poor

27-07-2017 10:30 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Diagnostic centres offer free blood tests to poor | My Indian Dream

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Free blood tests in Mysuru...

Mysuru district is in the grip of various kinds of viral fevers including dengue. The state government run health centres including Primary Health Centres (PHCs) and taluka hospitals are doing their best to cater to the patients, but they are falling short of the necessary diagnostic equipment and para medical staff.

That is when two diagnostic centres in Mysuru city are offering Complete Blood Count (CBC) and platelet count tests free of cost. This facility is of immense help to hundreds of poor patients who come to these centres daily to get their tests done to avoid complications at the later stage of fever.

The free charges are a boon to the patients who otherwise may not be able to afford the tests due to high costs.

In Mysuru city, free blood tests are conducted at Mysore Diagnostic Center, New Sayyaji Rao road and in Nanjanagud free tests are offered at Jeevadhara Diagnostic centre. Both the centres belong to Dr. B H Manjunath, a renowned orthopedic surgeon.

Dr. Manjunath informed that daily around 80-100 patients get their blood tested at these centres. It has been nearly a month since the free services started and he intends to let this service continue for one more month.

Patients from government health centres, taluka hospitals and even from the private clinics are referred to both these diagnostic centres so that they get effective treatment and their illness is not prolonged.

Dr. B H Manjunath said that in the whole state of Karnataka, Mysuru is worst affected by fevers, especially dengue. Being a practicing professional, he felt the need to help patients who can’t pay for blood tests. It was his contribution towards helping the needy patients.

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