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Disability Has Not Stopped Sagar Khaladkar From Training Kids In Kabaddi

04-04-2019 04:00 PM  
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Disability Has Not Stopped Sagar Khaladkar From Training Kids In Kabaddi | My Indian Dream

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Sagar Khaladkar did not let the wheelchair stand in his way. He has trained innumerable players for state and national level.

When life hits us hard, everything loses its meaning. The desire to achieve the goal that was set once diminishes but, hope and determination keeps us going. It was extremely difficult for Sagar Khaladkar to continue with his passion when he met with an accident in 2013 which made him disabled. But, as days passed by, he got stronger and today his story inspires many. Sagar is a Kabaddi coach at Abhijit Dada Krida Academy where he trains children with all his heart.

It took seven months for Sagar to heal from the accident and soon after that the founder of Bharti Vidyapeeth, Late Dr. Patangrao Kadam retained his job. He was associated with the institution from before and also earned his master’s degree in physical education from there. The wheelchair never restrained Sagar from doing what he always longed for as he has trained many state and national level kabaddi players in the past five years.

Sagar could resonate with the kids’ financial backgrounds as he told Hindustan Times: “I didn’t have a strong financial background in 2006 and I knew how hard it was for players to get training facilities, so providing free training to kids and youngsters was on my mind from the very beginning.”

Apart from kabaddi, Sagar also trains children in athletics and wishes to expose them more in the world of sports. 

A downfall or something uncalled cannot break a person completely, there is always a way to break free from something that has the ability to destruct your dream.

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