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What Inspires Aligarh to Initiate “Do Roti’ Campaign

15-09-2017 10:00 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

What Inspires  Aligarh to Initiate “Do Roti’ Campaign  | My Indian Dream

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Campaign to encourage people to donate food for the needy

Former AMU student Sadia Usman has started a ‘ Do Roti’ campaign in Aligarh to encourage people to donate food for the poor and hungry. Her inspiration springs from the noble act of Hyderabad's Azhar Maqsusi, who has been distributing food to hungry people daily.

She is being supported by many in her mission to serve the needy. Students from AMU’s drama club are performing ‘nukad nataks’(street plays) on hunger.

Sadia's role model, Maqsusi joined her on the first day of the campaign which started on Thursday and they together distributed about 300 rotis to hungry people.

Maqsusi said that he felt proud that his initiative has inspired others to do good work. He said that the aim of the campaign was to fight poverty and hunger by encouraging people to carry two rotis extra every day when they leave for work and feed people on the way.

Sadia informs that she is being helped in her mission by students of AMU and the NGO, Ismat Literacy Centre, where she works. The sight of a girl student eating stale rotis in class triggered in her the need to start this campaign.

She came to know about Maqsusi’s  work on Facebook and contacted him to seek help in starting the ‘ Do Roti’campaign in Aligarh.

Sadia said that their aim was to spread the message that instead of giving money to a hungry person, give them two chapatis with vegetable, which is not a big thing for any person who earns daily.

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