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Know More About Eco Friendly Bio Bags To Replace Plastic Carrybags

09-11-2017 11:30 AM  
Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream   

Know More About Eco Friendly Bio Bags To Replace Plastic Carrybags | My Indian Dream

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Bio bags are eco friendly and compostable

Plastic carry bags have become so are ubiquitous that we find it difficult to escape them in spite of the numerous bans imposed to curb its use. Although its ill effects on the environment are very well known, people continue to use it for want of a good alternative.

Now Coimbatore City Corporation on Wednesday has launched bio bags that are an excellent replacement for the harmful plastic carry bags. These bio bags are made of starch and dissolve in water. It is toxic free and won’t cause you any harm even if you consume it. The best part is that it is compostable and eco-friendly.

Corporation Commissioner K Vijayakarthikeyan commended this development and said shifting to the usage of these bags would be a historical move. He stated that many bio bags had earlier been introduced in the country, but none were free of plastic. He urged people to use the new bio bags that were starch-based and toxic free.

The bio bags are manufactured by Regeno Ventures.Vijayakarthikeyan opined that unless there was a good alternative, it was useless to impose a ban on plastic as people will continue to use it. He added that after much research and several meetings, they finalized using the bio bags.

Sibi Chelvan, the manufacturer of the bio bags, said "These bags burn like paper and turn into ash, unlike plastic. Also, they dissolve in hot water immediately. In cold water, they will dissolve after some time. They can be consumed as well since they are not toxic," adding that only natural dyes are used in the bags.



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