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Enjoy the Niagara Falls in India

26-10-2017 10:00 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Enjoy the Niagara Falls in India | My Indian Dream

Soon, one can experience the Niagara Falls in Bengaluru

The breathtaking and majestic Niagara Falls is a major attraction of the United States, but if one cannot travel all the way to the US, then it can be seen here in India as a replica of the Falls will soon come up in Bengaluru.

It is been set up at the Lalbagh gardens in Bengaluru and will be opened to the public soon. Nearly 70 percent of the work is completed and the remaining work will be done in the next two months.  Sources said that the waterfall can be enjoyed from a height of 25 feet. For the project, water will be drawn from existing small and big lakes at Lalbagh.

It was the plan of the Horticulture Department to build the Niagara Falls. A meeting was held in this regard which was attended by environmentalist Yallappareddy and water expert Ravishankar.

Dr M Jagadish, joint director, parks and gardens, Lalbagh, said, "The small lake is surrounded by a stone quarry bed. We thought this would be ideal to build a waterfall-like structure. Water from the big lake will be pumped into the small lake."

An amount of Rs 2.7 crore had been earmarked for the project and work had begun about six months ago. Jagdish explained that water flowing from Kanakanapalya, Siddapur, Ashok Pillar and other areas will be collected in 30-acre lake located in the garden and this will not be utilised for any purpose as it will help improve groundwater level. There will be fish, water hens and ducks in the lake.

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