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Farmer Switches Over To Lac Cultivation And Gets Rich Rewards

09-01-2018 02:00 PM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Farmer Switches Over To Lac Cultivation And Gets Rich Rewards | My Indian Dream

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Chattisgarh government is encouraging lac cultivation

Purushottam Mandavi is a farmer in Chattisgarh who was dependent on traditional rain-dependent paddy cultivation that earned him a meagre income. His fortunes changed when he came in touch with some agricultural scientists at Krish Vigyan Kendra who inspired him to take up lac cultivation.

Lac is a resinous secretion found on certain trees left by a microscopic insect called Lac insect (Laccifera lacca). It is processed to form shellac that is widely used in confectionery, food products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paints and varnishes.

With lac cultivation,  Mandavi’s income increased five fold. He has a pioneer of sorts among his farmer peers and has set an example for other tribal farmers of the region. He has also been conferred with the state-level award for promoting lac production in tribal and Naxal affected area.

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