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Finally Australia made it...

28-07-2017 08:00 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

Finally Australia made it... | My Indian Dream

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First uranium shipment to be sent to India

Three years after the civilian nuclear treaty between India and Australia, the latter finally confirmed its first uranium shipment to be sent to India.

When the treaty was signed in 2014, the then Prime Minister of Australia Tony Abbott affirmed that Australia’s uranium supply would help meet India’s growing energy need in long term. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, lately, made a brief announcement about the departure of uranium shipment from Australia to India. The decision was announced overnight and not much information is being surfaced about it. There is no clue as from where the shipment has left from Australia and where it will arrive in India. Also, the size of the shipment is unclear.

There have been tensions about the supply of uranium to India due to its strategic nuclear weapons program and refusal to sign the non-proliferation treaty. Also when India has been facing border tensions with Pakistan who has also not signed the non-proliferation treaty generates a big concern. Still, the Australian government is confident that its uranium won’t be misused. Also, Australia stated that it will continue sending uranium to India as per their commercial arrangements.

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