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First of its kind Educare for bedridden children

20-08-2017 11:00 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

First of its kind Educare for bedridden children | My Indian Dream

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Smiles on faces of disabled children

The disabled children in Kozhikode will enter a new phase of life as the Mavoor Block Resource Centre plans to offer better education and care for bedridden children affected with autism, cerebral palsy, and multiple disabilities.

With this initiative, the Mavoor BRC along with Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Kozhikode have founded the first EduCare Centre to provide a space for the bedridden disabled children to mingle with each other and to undergo training together.

Here, children who are unable to move due to physical abilities will be brought together and provided with better education. N Ajaya Kumar, programme officer of Mavoor BRC said that over thirty children have enrolled for the project. Parents were glad that their children have started expressing more and are enjoying group activity.

Children in the age group of 6 and 14 will be able to avail the benefits of this programme. It will be introduced with the support of various agencies.

Dr A K Anil Kumar, the district coordinator of Magic Lantern project for children with disabilities said that at least 10 beds will be arranged at the centre and multi-sensory approach will be used to train the children. He added that children will undergo a positive change when they mingle with other children and engage in physiotherapy and speech therapy in groups.

It also aims to provide nutritious food and occupational training to children in groups.

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