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Gather 6 Onion Peels And Charge Your Laptop Or Mobile Phone

01-12-2017 04:11 PM | Anita Neve | My Indian Dream

Gather 6 Onion Peels And Charge Your Laptop Or Mobile Phone | My Indian Dream

Peeling of onions will now reward you by producing Electricity

The moment we say peeling of onions we recollect the boring task that brings tears to one's eyes. But now it's time to change your state of mind as a research team from IIT Kharagpur and South Korea has generated electricity from these onion peels.

This research has truly surprised many and each one is compelled to think how is this possible...The researchers have an answer to all these. They have developed biodegradable energy harvesters from onion skin waste.

As per research done by Prof. Bhanu Bhusan Khatua and his team at MSC, only half an inch of onion peel can be enough to generate 20 volts of electricity! So, if you gather 6 such onion peels and place them in a series then together they can light-up 80 LED’s or charge your laptop or mobile phone!

This idea came to their mind with a thought of making nanogenerators which is biocompatible and biodegradable that can be used for healthcare applications. So this promoted them to carry out the research work which gave them an idea of using onion skin which has a cellular-based structure and is thrown away as garbage. By using these onion peels one can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy can generate power with body movements like the tapping of fingers and throat vibrations. 

So henceforth brave the teary eyes and chop some onions, the onion peels will reward you for your courage by producing electricity for your entire home!

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