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Globe Trotting Tribe Gets A Helping Hand

28-11-2017 10:00 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Globe Trotting Tribe Gets A Helping Hand | My Indian Dream

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This nomadic tribe travels far and wide across the globe

The Hakki Pikki community is a nomadic tribe that has its origin in south Karnataka, but its members travel to far-flung places to promote and sell its indigenous products such as herbal oil. From Sadashivapura in Shivamogga, they have travelled to distant places like United Kingdom, Ivory Coast and Uganda.

One astonishing fact is that they have traversed a lot many places across the world without being able to speak or understand English.

Now, Karnataka’s Non-Resident Indian Forum has decided to help this tribe by trying to educate them about all formalities that a foreign trip entails including the procurement of visa. They decided to form district-level committees to extend a helping hand to them in the event of any untoward incidents.

A study was conducted by the forum which revealed that the youngsters from the community were travelling abroad promoting herbal products, toys et al, but without any product license or specification.They also offer body massage at throwaway prices and therefore, are in great demand in these countries.

They stay  and work in a country for five to six months and return to India with their earnings. When the money runs out, they travel again. The fact that they are able to market their product so well without any knowledge of English is indeed astonishing.

Deputy chairperson of the NRI Forum, Karnataka, Arathi Krishna pointed out that they do not have the requisite permission or license for their products. Sometimes, the items they wish to sell are prohibited in countries. Arathi said that they are trying to educate them about these aspects and on issues such as banned drugs, visa, passport regulations, etc.

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