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Government To Map Addresses Of Citizens Digitally

17-11-2017 11:30 AM  
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Government To Map Addresses Of Citizens Digitally | My Indian Dream

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eLoc (e-location)pilot project to begin soon

The government is planning to map all addresses of citizens' homes and offices digitally. A six-character alphanumeric digital address will be accorded for every property. This pilot project has been started by the department of post for three postal pin code locations.

The e-locations (like on Google Maps) for the addresses will provide possibilities to link them to other information, such as property title and ownership, property tax records, information on utilities like electricity, water and gas.

The eLoc (e-location) pilot project has been approved for two postal pin codes in Delhi and one in Noida. After successful implementation in these places, there are plans for national expansion.

MapmyIndia, a private mapping company will be carrying out the project for the postal department.  MapmyIndia MD Rakesh Verma has said that the e-linkage project will simplify the process of identifying complex addresses while providing an opportunity to link them to other amenities and services.

Verma added that eLoc will help travellers and commuters to locate the exact destination easily and quickly. He said that it will also reduce time, money, fuel wastage and expenses for businesses in the e-commerce, transportation, logistics and field operations domains.



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