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Growing veggies NASA way

29-05-2017 10:30 AM | MIND Correspondent | My Indian Dream

Growing veggies NASA way | My Indian Dream

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 Vegetables will be grown with new technology in Lonavla. 

Here’s a new technique to grow vegetables developed by NASA which they plan to use on Mars Mission. And making the city in Maharashtra proud, the technique will be implemented in Lonavla. 

What special about this technique is it involves minimum water usage and also fertilizers and soil. This technique is used by Flora Consult to grow vegetables and herbs for their client. Herbs like lettuce, parsley, basil, celery and vegetables like cherry tomatoes, gerkhin and zucchini are grown currently using this technique.

As per a report published in The Times of India, Praveen Sharma from Flora Consult said, “This is the best tool for farming in urban spaces. Using this technique, one can convert building rooftops to vegetable-production bases. This can enable cities to have more green buildings with a sustainable healthy vegetable production.”

“This is white-collar agriculture. Farming of the future. One need not dirty one's hands, remove grass, uproot or plant. We do not plant, under aeroponics. We just place the seedling,” he added. 

Sharma was fortunate to work with Israeli and Dutch experts on foreign assignments at Saudi Arabia and Africa in 1986 and 1991 respectively. 

This type of production helps one to get clean, efficient and quick production of food. 

Explaining about the system used in production he informed that there are vertical and linear modules of growing, “In the vertical system, one can grow 60 plants in just one square metre, as compared to just 8-10 plants in traditional hydroponics. The growing is done in specially designed towers," said Sharma, adding that a project of aeroponics technique consumes just 10% of water compared to field grown crops,” he informed. 


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