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Halla Bol Lungi Khol Campaign in Ranchi to Battle Open Defecation

26-09-2017 02:00 PM | Preeti Kulkarni | My Indian Dream

Halla Bol Lungi Khol Campaign in Ranchi to Battle Open Defecation | My Indian Dream

Ranchi Municipal Council has started quite a unique campaign to battle open defecation in Ranchi.

The Ranchi Municipal corporation has taken a wild turn at handling the open defecation problem in the city. The RMC has come up with a campaign called Halla Bol Lungi Khol that aims to get rid of the open defecation problem completely by September 30. 

The campaign is Ranchi’s way to show its people how embarrassing defecating in public really is. As a part of the campaign, the RMC officials plan on opening the lungis of the people who defecate in the public areas to portray the immense embarrassment of the deed. The RMC also plans on planting saplings wherever they find open defecation being done in order to stop people from defecating there again.

The campaign is launched under the Swacchh Bharat mission and the RMC is of the opinion that as toilets have been built under the Swacchh Bharat mission, people should not be defecating in the open at any cost. The RMC also plans on making people vow to never defecate in open again. 

The officials have warned the citizens to not defecate openly in order to avoid being embarrassed. A fine of Rs. 100 will be levied on those who are found defecating in public hereon and repeat offenders might be penalised more.

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