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High Resolution Cameras At Tiger Reserve To Resolve Man-Animal Conflict

11-11-2017 10:00 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

High Resolution Cameras At Tiger Reserve To Resolve Man-Animal Conflict | My Indian Dream

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Real time visuals in control rooms to warn people

Amidst many instances of wild animals straying into villages and causing harm to people and domesticated animals, high-resolution cameras have been installed at the Dudhwa tiger reserve to track its strays. In the wake of this tiger reserve in Lucknow reporting a high incidence of man-animal conflict, cameras have been installed at a height that will send real-time visuals to the control room in the divisional office.

Officials in the control room will analyse the camera feed to determine whether a tiger, leopard, elephant or any other wild animal is likely to enter into a conflict with humans in the vicinity. Accordingly, they will send alerts to the neighboring villages.

People will be forewarned to stay indoors in the evening, take an alternate route, keep an eye on children or go into the forest only in groups. Villagers are informed that tigers being nocturnal, they move at least 20km to 25km in the night and mostly along a water body.

This move is beneficial to the animals as well as they can move about freely without any disturbance. It also helps to identify those animals that are more likely to stray.

UP's chief wildlife warden S K Upadhyay said work is in progress in Dudhwa and they wish to make it more advanced adding that Periyar Tiger Reserve in Kerala and Palamu in Jharkhand are already using the technology.

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