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Humans responsible for the sixth mass extinction on Earth

04-06-2017 05:00 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

Humans responsible for the sixth mass extinction on Earth | My Indian Dream

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Human's increasing population and his never ending demand for resources will be the reason for sixth mass extinction on Earth.

As per the journal “Nature”, humans are bringing about the sixth mass extinction on Earth. The rate at which the mammals, birds and amphibians are depleting is very much comparable to the previous five mass extinctions.

The previous five mass extinctions saw the depletion of lives due to cataclysmic forces like meteorite attacks and volcanic explosions. Even the dinosaurs are said to have fallen prey to this mass extinction. The rate at which the human population is increasing and the increasing demand for humans are putting excessive load on nature in sufficing it. Human activities like hunting, poaching, pollution, deforestation etc. are making many species extinct. Statistics say that about 25 percent of mammals and 13 percent of birds are getting now declared as endangered species.

But scientists say that this can be very well reversed if we now realize our fault and improve the situation by controlling pollution, preserving the natural habitats and reducing hunting to a considerable extent. Various environmental policies should be rolled out to conserve biodiversity as animal habitats are equally important in ecological sustenance as human habitats are. Humans must channelize its needs and make use of resources strictly as per requirements and not out of luxury or greed.

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