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IIT Madras Collaborates With Teertha To Produce Drinking Water From The Air

07-04-2019 02:00 PM  
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IIT Madras Collaborates With Teertha To Produce Drinking Water From The Air | My Indian Dream

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Nero will be able to produce 4 to 5 liters of drinking water everyday with the help of solar power.

Who knew technology would evolve to an extent where water can be drunk directly from the air? IIT Madras has collaborated with a technology firm, Teertha to build Nero, a device which will help produce water from the air. It has been said that the device would operate on solar power and can process four to five litres of drinking water every day. The cost of production of Nero is going to be low therefore, the device is expected to be affordable.

In India, water is a major scarcity in many regions and for them, the inception of Nero is certainly going to be beneficial in several ways. On talking about the same, the dean of IC&SR also stated that the initiative is going to bring in a huge change in the remote areas.

While talking to TOI, the CEO of Teertha, Durga Das said: “We brought the first Indian-built atmospheric water generator in India 14 years ago and hold a patent for the same. Now we will bring the first solution that will generate 4-5 litres of water without any electricity and maintenance fee.”

MP Maiya, who will be coordinating the Nero project stated the technology will catch water molecules from the air at night and it will produce potable water during the day with the help of solar energy.

It is a known fact that countless Indians lack access to drinking water. In some regions, water sources are contaminated thus, accessing to clean water becomes difficult. With the introduction of Nero, the scarcity of water is certainly going to diminish.

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