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ISRO now over a new development

12-08-2017 07:00 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

ISRO now over a new development | My Indian Dream

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The new satellite will give a much better view of Earth..

The Indian Space Research Organization has decided to develop a full-fledged earth monitoring satellite.

The satellite is called Hyperspectral Imaging Satellite or HySIS. The model is almost made but the testing is yet to be carried out. Hence they haven’t mentioned any timeframe of the satellite’s launch. A new critical chip will be used in the satellite called ‘optical imaging detector array’. The plan of launch is towards ISRO’s dream of entering the domain of hyperspectral imaging from earth orbit. It includes a satellite with a capability of viewing in 55 spectral or colour bands from about a distance of 630 kilometre above the ground.

Its launch will open a new outlook of Earth as it can make better and distinctive observations of the Earth from space. Hyspex imaging enables distinct recognition of various objects, processes and materials on the Earth. Almost a decade ago, ISRO had launched two microwave or radar imaging satellites namely RISAT 1 and 2. These two launches were very important from the point of view of defence and security as it had the capability to see through clouds and darkness.

The launch of Hyperspectral Imaging Satellite will open new gates for research or development.

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