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ISRO roped in for development of Nashik

18-08-2017 09:30 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

ISRO roped in for development of Nashik | My Indian Dream

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ISRO develops microsite for Nashik

Nashik is on the road to progress as ISRO creates a microsite for the development of Nashik. It has also formed a dedicated multidisciplinary team to work and monitor the development of the entire Nashik parliamentary constituency.

A meeting was held by the Nashik administration headed by district collector Radhakrishnan B and MP Hemant Ghodse on Monday with an eight-member team of ISRO, headed by scientific secretary P G Diwakar.

The ISRO plans to implement this project by using spatial data of Nashik available with it. It will also seek data from local government offices to make a blueprint for the all-round development of Nashik.

Diwakar said that a complete Global Information System (GIS) mapping of the constituency will be taken to identify the quality and nature of activities required to be carried out in the areas. Additional information from various sectors will be incorporated with spatial data available with ISRO. These steps will enable them to understand the visible and invisible potentials of the areas and  help to chalk out a programme for its development.

With the help of the microsite which ISRO developed specially for Nashik, it has gathered more than 30 types of data using various space tools and remote sensing data. The data was shared with the district officials by the ISRO.

Diwakar said that this is a huge project and they will be executing it with the help of a mobile application prepared by the ISRO. It would require data on the land of a particular place to understand the physical and chemical compositions of the soil so that it can be marked for agricultural development. All the data gathered will help to prioritize the areas that need to be focused upon and then action plans can be made for execution.

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