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India Regains Priceless Idol From London

10-01-2018 10:00 AM  
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India Regains Priceless Idol From London | My Indian Dream

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12-century idol stolen from India retrieved by the ASI

After a wait of 16 years, India has finally been able to recover from London, a 12th-century priceless marble idol of Brahma and his consort Brahmani, which was stolen from Gujarat’s Patan in 2001.

The marble idol was stolen from the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Rani-ki-Vav (bathing place of the queen) in Patan in November 2001 and smuggled out of the country. Thanks to the efforts of the ASI, it was brought back to India and found to be in satisfactory condition.

India has also initiated the process of bringing back 10th-century Lord Nataraja’s life-size sandstone idol from London, sandstone idol of Varaha – an avatar of Lord Vishnu – from Switzerland and another antique idol of Mahishamardini from Metropolitan Museum in the United States, which were all stolen from temples of Rajasthan and Bihar.


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