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India demolishes Pakistan in Asian Snooker Championship Final

07-07-2017 06:00 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

India demolishes Pakistan in Asian Snooker Championship Final | My Indian Dream

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Pankaj Advani and Laxman Rawat drive India towards a win against Pakistan

India’s Pankaj Advani along with Laxman Rawat defeated Pakistan in the finals of Asian Snooker Championship on Wednesday.

India’s leading cueist Pankaj Advani exhibited a phenomenal performance against his opponent Mohammad Bilal. After the Pakistani opponent scored the first point and took advantage of Pankaj’s foul, the latter came back in force by scoring 83 leading to the first tie of best of five final.

It was obvious now that India’s fate lied in hands of the other player Laxman Rawat. And he left no stone unturned to determine India’s win. This was his first major international title with a 73 break not allowing his opponent Babar Masih to score a single point.

The duo had to maintain their performance even for the doubles tie. But it wasn’t easy for India. The Pakistani duo gave a tough fight to their opponent duo as it was important for them to win the tie to sustain through the finals. But it was Laxman Rawat who turned the game in India’s favour by scoring a 50 break. As a miss on the pink brought Masih bak on the table, Masih played with the green unintentionally giving a perfect snook to Advani. Taking advantage of it, Advani managed to put the green in the pocket and then surfaced his focus on the brown. After successfully sinking blue and pink in the pockets, India claimed its win at the finals with a score of 3-0.


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