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India’s First Braille Laptop for Visually-Impaired

04-03-2019 02:00 PM  
Anita Neve | My Indian Dream   

India’s First Braille Laptop for Visually-Impaired | My Indian Dream

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"DotBook", a laptop to empower a person with visual impairment.

Exactly 2 months back, we celebrated World Braille Day with an intention to spread awareness on the lives of blind people all over the world.  Braille always has been and always will be more than just a tool for blind individuals who use it. Braille represents competency, independence, and equality. 

Using this tool, India’s first Braille laptop for visually-impaired called a ‘DotBook’ is created by the researchers of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Delhi.
Where the normal laptops have a visual screen, this laptop has an interface in the form of embossed text in Braille through a touchpad. 

Claimed to be the country's first laptop made for visually impaired is launched by the IIT Delhi duo Pulkit Sapra and Suman Muralikrishnan. Pulkit a 26-year-old from Delhi and Suman a 27-year-old from Chennai did not opt for a job instead, for almost five years dedicated their entire time in this research.

There are two versions of this special laptop, one with 20 cell version and another 40 cell version — each referring to the number of characters displayed in one line.  

While developing this Laptop it was given to more than 200 users for trial and with their feedback and suggestions, required changes were made. It can be connected through Bluetooth, Wifi and also with USB. The laptop can be connected with mobile phones and other laptops to provide a visual display for sighted persons. It has also specially designed a hand rest keeping in mind the long working hours of the users.

As told to TOI, the project leader, Prof M. Balakrishnan, said, “DotBook represents an excellent example of user-oriented applied research. It is not only inter-disciplinary in nature, as it brings together advanced techniques in mechanical, low power electronics, software and User interface design together, but also a sustained effort of a large team. As printed Braille is expensive, time-consuming, bulky to store and short-lived, DotBook will be useful for students and also create employment opportunities for the visually challenged."

The device was recently launched and at the inauguration, the chief guest Shakuntala D Gamlin, secretary, department of empowerment of person with disabilities said, “It is a great set of invention, which will empower a person with visual impairment.” 

These special laptops will be available soon in the market.  

When the eyes see darkness....Happiness is seeing the light with the "DotBook". 

Spreading Light is Spreading Happiness....



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