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India’s first underwater metro to be soon open in Kolkata

13-06-2017 05:00 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

India’s first underwater metro to be soon open in Kolkata | My Indian Dream

India will soon get its first underwater transportation tunnel in Kolkata.

India’s first underwater tunnel is nearing its completion and will be soon open in Kolkata. The tunnel is several feet under the Hooghly.

This will be the first time India will get a metro running under flowing water. The tunnel is dug 30 meters below the riverbed and is at a distance of few meters from the Howrah Bridge. India had no such underwater transportation making this very unique in itself.

The tunnel-boring machines were used for first time in an Eastern part of India as 10 lakh tonnes of mud was unearthed for the construction of the tunnel. There is basically two parts of the route with some underwater and some underground. Of the first tunnel, 16.6 kilometer is ready. The second tunnel in nearing completion. Also of the entire length, 10.8 kilometer is underground and 1 kilometer is underwater. It will connect two terminals namely Howrah and Sealdah. Each has an account of 10 to 12 lakh travellers daily. The tunnel is made with a service of 10 years and hence most of the details are taken into consideration to avoid water leakage. It involves water tightness, waterproofing and design of gaskets.

This will be the first transportation in India underway.

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