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Inmates of Thane jail develop skills while completing sentence

01-08-2017 11:30 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Inmates of Thane jail develop skills while completing sentence | My Indian Dream

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Constructive activities endow inmates with confidence and dignity

The Thane Central Jail is housed in an 18th-century Portuguese fort and has 3,200 inmates, 197 of who are convicts. Inmates are assigned work according to their abilities. Thus, every morning, they diligently troop into a factory situated in the jail’s premises and are engrossed in making everything from furniture to farsan.

The factory helps to generate revenue for the jail. The furniture and bakery sections earned maximum revenue last year.

A female instructor who supervises an all male team said that their goodies are cheaper than those sold outside and are very popular. Their pineapple and chocolate cakes are a hit, but orders have to be placed in advance so that inmates will have sufficient time to bake them.

Jail superintendent Nitin Vayachal informed that the chairs manufactured in the furniture section have found a place in government offices. They are in great demand as the wood is genuine and lasts for many years.

The power loom unit is engaged in making clothes for hospitals and uniforms that are widely used inside the prison. There is also a laundry section whose clients include people from the neighborhood. There also exists a tailoring section where even a couple of judges get their clothes stitched.

The inmates are paid on an average of Rs 50 per day depending upon their skill. They can save their income or buy things for themselves. Upon their release from prison, they are given a certificate which will help them to secure employment and lead a life of dignity and self-confidence.


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