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InnoVenture - Building Young Minds

31-01-2018 09:00 AM | Shilpika Bajpai | My Indian Dream

InnoVenture - Building Young Minds | My Indian Dream

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Putting young minds towards the right path- InnoVenture.

A Pune based startup is helping young minds in shaping their ideas into reality. InnoVenture was started in 2014 to build the ideas of a young mind into something substantial and useful to the society.

To be able to innovate and create or to work as an entrepreneur one needs to be on the right path so the ideas are not wasted. Therefore InnoVenture provides a platform to the students and children to present their intellectual ideas to the world and showcases their talent.

This year the company ventured around 23 states, 220 schools in 107 cities and shortlisted 250 smart minds out of 20,000 applicants.There were students from class 4th to 9th who had innovative inventions like Intelligent Wastebins and Stinkmap. The Young Innovator's Award was won by 13-year-old Lalitha Pingali for StinkMap which could detect a bad odour in nearby areas or polluted places. 


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