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 Kalamba inmates to start with meditation sessions.

31-05-2017 09:00 PM | Sukhada Khandge | My Indian Dream

 Kalamba inmates to start with meditation sessions. | My Indian Dream

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 Inmates will get an opportunity to change their negaticve attitudes through Vipassana meditation.

Everyone is aware of the negativity that the prisoners have in their behavior and to work on the same, now the Kalamba Central Prison authorities have decided to have meditation sessions for their jail inmates.

Vipassana technique of meditation will be taught to the prisoners that will help them to heal the negative attitude in them. Authorities have identified a special space in jail for the prisoners to stay and attend 10-day courses. The session is scheduled to start soon which will help them to change the attitude of the prisoners.

As per a report published in The Times of India, Sharad Shelke, superintendent of Kalamba Central Prison said, “We had consulted officials of Vipassana centre Igatpuri. They visited Kalamba jail last month and guided us to make arrangements for the 10-day course. Accordingly we have made available a hall and resting place that can occupy 50 persons at a time. The area has been selected in such a way that despite being located in prison, the prisoners will not feel that they are in jail and will be able to concentrate fully on the meditation course and learn the technique. They will be staying at the allotted place for 10 days till they complete their course and will have feel that they are not in the prison but in the Ashram taking meditation course.”

"Each batch will have 50 prisoners. We are planning to provide the course to all the 1,700 inmates who are serving term in the jail. We have passed on information to all the prisoners and have asked them to enrol voluntarily for the course. The batch of first 50 voluntary prisoners will be started in the middle of June," he added.
He further informed, “The instructors from the Vipassana centre will be stationed inside the jail premises and help the prisoners learn the meditation technique. We hope that this will help prisoners in changing behavioural and social attitude of prisoners and turn them into good men. This is what jails aim to do mostly when they are sent to serve their terms.” After introducing the same Vipassana session in Tihar jail now inmates in Kalamba will also be introduced. The authorities expect to change the atmosphere of the jail.

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