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Kerala To Launch A Cyber Security Event For Children

13-11-2017 11:00 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Kerala To Launch A Cyber Security Event For Children | My Indian Dream

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‘Kids Glove’ is a cybersecurity awareness event for school students

In present times, children are very vulnerable in cyberspace and to address increasing concerns of cybersecurity, the police Cyberdome and Kerala state council for protection of child rights are launching 'Kids Glove' which is a cybersecurity awareness event for school children.

The event will be inaugurated by chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Monday. The event comprises of two main sessions – awareness class which will be conducted by experts from various fields and digital park where children will learn more about cyber security through various games.

Cyberdome nodal officer Manoj Abraham said that children will be made aware of cyber security aspects such as keeping one’s password secret. In the wake of games like ‘Blue Whale’ that are driving young children to give up their lives, they will be made aware of good games and bad games.

The Cyberdome has also developed a digital module for representatives of each school to teach the topics to other children. Similar activities will be held in all 14 districts in the coming days.

The inaugural function will be presided over by Mayor V K Prasanth, KSCPCR chairperson Shobha Koshy, police chief Loknath Behra, IG Manoj Abraham, IT@school director K Anwar Sadath, magician Gopinath Muthucaud, psychiatry associate professor of Medical College K P Jayaprakashan among many others.

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