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LED Lights to Bring Down Costs

13-10-2017 10:00 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

LED Lights to Bring Down Costs | My Indian Dream

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LED lighting project to improve efficiency of public lighting

The East Delhi Municipal Corporation will replace all conventional streetlights and semi-high mast lights under its jurisdiction with LED lights soon. Its standing committee on Thursday approved the LED lighting project which would save around 78% of its electricity bills. The densely populated East Delhi will have better illumination as 1.2 lakh lights turn into LED lights in a large replacement exercise.

The EDMC has to look after and maintain street lights and semi-high mast lights in roads which are less than 60 feet wide. Illumination of parks, marketplaces, colonies, and public places are also under its jurisdiction. An official said that they had planned to improve the overall efficiency of public lighting through this up-gradation.

The project will help the cash-starved corporation save crores of rupees. The official said that every year, they paid around Rs 70 crore to the power company as electricity bills. The private company which will bear all the cost of replacement of lights has assured them that they will be able to save around 77%  of the electricity bills.

He added that they will pay the power company from the money saved due to saving energy. Even after paying the private agency and paying around 20% of the electricity bill EDMC will witness savings of revenue.


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