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Lady Santa To Make Children’s Christmas Special

22-12-2017 10:00 AM  
Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream      21

Lady Santa To Make Children’s Christmas Special | My Indian Dream

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Cheerful lady has been dressing up like Santa for the past four years

Crystal Caisa, 44 lives up to the spirit of Christmas by donning a Santa dress and spreading joy and cheer. She is originally from London, but grew up in Mumbai and works as a children’s entertainer throughout the year except during Christmas when she slips into a royal red and white fur gown to create an atmosphere for children where they could expect something that is unexpected, colourful and different.

Explaining the origin of Lady Santa, Caisa recalled a time when her company couldn’t manage a Santa Claus and she decided to dress up as ‘Mrs Santa’ for the event. People loved it immensely and encouraged her to do it more often as it was a totally new concept.

Caisa designs the costumes herself every year. Her tailor helps create a basic outline. What started off with a short dress and a jacket has now evolved into a grandiose ball gown and a cape.

Caisa describes Lady Santa as “maternal and encouraging”. Playing Lady Santa at a leading toy store for three hours at a stretch, she states that Lady Santa’s costume is extremely heavy and hard to walk around in, especially if the venue isn’t air-conditioned. Yet she continues to be Lady Santa as the wonderment with which the children look at her makes it all the more special.

Determined to bring in the ‘spirit of giving’ on Christmas each year, Caisa also surprises 500 children at an orphanage in Pune with gifts. She loves her job as it helps her to impact the lives of people in several ways and for her, that is what Christmas is all about.

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