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Maharashtra Government adopts new energy policy

02-06-2017 05:00 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Maharashtra Government adopts new energy policy | My Indian Dream

Maharashtra is the first state to adopt the new energy conservation policy that promises to switch over to green energy and save 1,000 MW of power consumption in next five years

The Maharashtra state government on Tuesday announced that it is ready to implement the new energy conservation policy which promises to save Rs 6,000 crore and 1,000 mega watts of electricity. This target is expected to be achieved in five years and Rs 807 lakh has been allotted as the cost to switch to new technology.

This target can be achieved by promoting the use of renewable energy, like solar and wind energy. It will be mandatory for government establishments to install LED bulbs. Much more such changes will be ushered in for the adaptation of green energy with the objective to save fuel and make it less expenditure-oriented.

The new policy is expected to increase the state's revenue by Rs 1,200 crore and generate employment for 8,000 people. The policy will ensure that environmental aspects - which are broadly defined by the center- are taken into account for energy generation. Twelve departments of the state government have agreed to comply with the new policy in their respective sectors.

The state government is also planning to create a separate solar feeder for the agriculture sector and it has given the nod to the  Mukhya Mantri Solar Energy policy which will be undertaken through public and private partnership.

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