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Maharashtra To Introduce E - Bikes For Delivering Goods

22-11-2017 02:00 PM  
Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream      19

Maharashtra To Introduce E - Bikes For Delivering Goods | My Indian Dream

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Electric bikes will help reduce pollution on roads

With the intent of reducing pollution on roads in Mumbai, the state transport department is mulling over introducing e- vehicles for the delivery of food and goods. It has come out with an elaborate policy on promoting e-vehicles in Mumbai region and a notification will be issued.

Subsequently, the government is taking steps to encourage fast-food joints, restaurants, hotels and those running mobile apps and online marketing portals to switch to electric bikes for deliveries.

A senior officer from Mantralaya said that in the wake of the Union government emphasizing a mass shift to electric vehicles by 2030, Maharashtra is keen to adopt such eco-friendly measures so that it features in the leading states making this possible.

According to the transport department statistics out of  31 lakh vehicles plying on city roads, more than 18 lakh (58%) are two-wheelers (bikes and scooters). A significant number of these bikes are used by delivery boys and courier agents, as well as those delivering goods booked online or through mobile apps. Switching over to e-vehicles will reduce the pollution levels considerably.

The sale of electric two-wheelers has increased to 23,000 from 18,000 e-bikes last year. Sources said the entry of new models of e-bikes could help bring down the cost of battery technology. An e-bike (100cc)  can cost anywhere between Rs35,000-50,000, while one can ride 70-100km on a single charge.



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