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Determination Pays...A University Degree at 98!

27-09-2017 12:30 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Determination Pays...A University Degree at 98! | My Indian Dream

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Nervous Nineties? ...Think again! Age can never be a deterrent in realizing your dreams!

Nonagenarian Raj Kumar Vaishya’s feat proves that it is possible to realize one’s dreams through efforts and perseverance. At 98, this determined man who wished to have the tag of being a postgraduate finally completed his master’s programme in economics on Monday.

Vaishya fulfilled his dream by getting a master's in economics from the Nalanda Open University (NOU). He had graduated in the same subject from Agra University in 1938.

Vaishya was born on April 1, 1920, in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. He had cleared his matriculation examination in 1934 and graduated in 1938 with economics as his major. He also secured an LLB degree in 1940.

Age doesn’t come in the way of this enthusiastic old man. He said that he wishes to write poetry and articles on poverty and send it to the newspapers. He even borrowed a camera from his son to click a few pictures of slums and poverty. Ever since India got independence, he had been hearing of ‘ Garbi Hatao’ (removing poverty), but sadly, it still remains a slogan.

Vaishya attributes his success in the examination to his daughter-in-law Bharati S Kumar, a retired Patna College professor of history. His son Santosh Kumar, a retired professor exclaimed that it was a proud moment for his family.

NOU vice-chancellor S P Sinha said it is a golden day in the history of the university.

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