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Mangrove seeds to be dropped from helicopters!

07-09-2017 06:00 AM | Pooja Nevewani | My Indian Dream

Mangrove seeds to be dropped from helicopters! | My Indian Dream

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For the first time, helicopters will be used for aerial broadcasting of mangrove seeds.

This will be for the first time that helicopters will be used for dropping seeds of mangroves for restoring the diminishing wetlands and mudflats in inaccessible and remote areas in and around Mumbai.

A proposal was sent to the state government by the state mangrove cell for permitting the project. This is a pilot project will drop seeds of about 20 tonnes of Avicennia marina and Aveicennia officinalis. Avicennia marinas are the grey mangroves that are the most commonly found mangrove species in Mumbai. Aveicennia officinalis is also called as Indian mangroves and is also found in various suburbs. Aerial broadcasting has already been carried out for terrestrial areas. This is the first time that such an attempt is being made for the restoration of mangroves plantation.  

Mangroves grow fast and are suitable for salt marsh growth. Experts say that choosing aerial broadcasting for mangroves will prove effective as seeds will get spread across and won’t concentrate on one area. Also as the land is marshy, the seeds won’t get washed away and thus germinate.

Out of 615 hectares that have been set aside for mangrove restoration, the state mangrove cell has identified 250 hectares mangrove patch.


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