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Meet the Lady Tarzan

06-03-2019 07:14 PM  
Anita Neve | My Indian Dream   

Meet the Lady Tarzan | My Indian Dream

Armed with steely resolve and mere sticks she fought single-handedly with the timber mafias.

Let's celebrate the Women Week with the inspiring story of Lady Tarzan who recently received India's fourth highest civilian award, the 'Padma Shri'.

Jamuna Tadu, an environmental activist is addressed as Lady Tarzan by the villagers of Jharkhand. 

It all started in the year 2000 when Jamuna got married and moved to Mathurgham- Chakulia village of East Singhbum district in Jharkhand.  Everything was going on fine until she could notice that many of the trees from the forests around the village were chopped down illegally by the forest mafias.

She discussed this matter with the villagers to find the solution to save their own trees. But all in vain, to her surprise nobody stood up against the mafias. Their response or the lack of it dismayed her.  She was not able to decide what to do and then finally with the Braveheart made up her mind to fight single-handedly against the forest mafias. 

Along with sticks, Jammuna went after the people who chopped the trees. Seeing her courage, soon women from the neighbourhood too joined her in this mission.  Armed with sticks, bows and arrows soon they made a team and started patrolling their forests. With this, they were able to protect almost 50 hectares of forest around the village. 

Twenty years ago Jammuna and her teammates formed a Safety Committee to supervise the jungle. They all work together in three different shifts morning, afternoon and evening. However, there are still chances that the mafias can put the forest on fire in the darkness hence they also pay a visit in the night.

She received many death threats but she strong headedly faced them all. Neither fear nor any insecurity could stop her from protecting the trees. She also ties Rakhi to the trees as she believes that the trees are her brothers and it's her duty to protect them.

Inspired by Jammuna, the village women too consider trees as their brothers. Not only that they also plant 18 trees when a girl is born and 10 trees in order to celebrate when a girl is getting married in the village. 

Jamuna was awarded the 2014 Sthree Shakti award, and 2013 Godfrey Phillips Bravery Award. Also, the NITI Aayog has selected her for the Women Transforming India Award 2017 and now the most special award this year the Padma Shri. Strong women aren't simply born. Challenges of life make them grow mentally and emotionally strong. She fights with the storm and still survives...

She is a true warrior and a real Superhero.


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