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Migratory birds spotted at Delhi Zoo

14-08-2017 11:30 AM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

Migratory birds spotted at Delhi Zoo | My Indian Dream

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There is good news at Delhi Zoo

The first batch of migratory birds arrived at the Delhi Zoo this week and more are expected to come by the second week of August. Around 50 painted storks have been spotted by zoo officials and according to them, some have even started nesting.

The storks either make use of branches left behind from last year while some make a fresh nest. Delhi zoo director, Renu Singh said that more birds are expected after August 15 which is the time that they usually arrive.

Officials are making arrangements to revive another pond where a number of migratory birds would flock together in the past. It would provide the birds with additional nesting grounds.

Officials said that a majority of migratory birds arrive in September, but a good monsoon has triggered the early arrival of the birds. Painted storks are identified by their curved yellow beaks. They feed on fish which is aplenty in the ponds of the zoo. The authorities also provide fresh fish each year.

Last year, it was unfortunate that 50 birds died of which few tested positive for bird flu. Consequently, the zoo was shut down for three months.  

This year, extra precautions are being taken to keep bird flu at bay. Disinfectants are sprayed daily. The enclosures and areas near water bodies are also being sprayed with lime-powder.


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