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Minor Honoured In Chennai As She Called Off Her Own Marriage.

29-01-2018 09:00 AM  
Shilpika Bajpai | My Indian Dream   

Minor Honoured In Chennai As She Called Off Her Own Marriage. | My Indian Dream

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14-year old N Nandhini made the last minute call to stop her own marriage.

14 year old N Nandhini is braveheart who not only dared to fight against the odds but came forward to fight against her own family.

After the demise of her mother four years ago, Nandhini and her sister were staying with their aunt as their father had abandoned them. Nandhini dreamt of becoming an IAS officer but her aunt stopped her education.

Nandhini was forced to get married to a man twice her age. Nandhini was educated and she used it to her benefit. After some search, she contacted the officials who worked for the prohibition of child marriage.

On the wedding day at 10.30, the officials rescued  Nandhini. After which the aunt, other relatives and the groom were taken on remand.



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