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Mumbai Police Dons A New Cap!

04-11-2017 03:41 PM  
Anita Neve | My Indian Dream      23

Mumbai Police Dons A New Cap! | My Indian Dream

Soon Mumbaikars will see the cops in dashing new smart caps.

Mumbai police soon will be seen on duty with smart caps. These smart caps are introduced for the first time after independence. 

The old Gandhi topi-like police caps which were introduced by the first police commissioner of Mumbai, Jehangir Barucha in 1948 will now be replaced by these new caps designed by the Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPRD). This in a way will change the impression of a policeman who is commonly called as Pandu Hawaldar.

The smart looking caps will not only change the look but will also protect cops'  faces from sunburns during long duties on sunny days. 

The new caps are navy blue in colour with a rounded crown, very soft and easy to wear. On trial basis, a few months ago these smart looking caps were given to almost 50 constables working on the field. The response was too good and positive. 

The cap has a stiff peak with Mumbai police logo been embroidered on it.  Like the old cap, a yellow strip (symbolic of the Mumbai police)run s across the peak. Also, Mumbai Police is written on the sides in Hindi and English.

The new cap also is adjustable and tighten as per one's comfort. This in a way fits better and does not comes out easily.  

So Mumbaikars now get ready to see the cops in dashing new smart caps.


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