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National Green Tribunal adopts new strategy

14-07-2017 02:00 PM | Lathika Saju | My Indian Dream

National Green Tribunal adopts new strategy  | My Indian Dream

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Move to expedite...

In a move that would be very beneficial for the conservation and protection of river Ganga,  the National Green Tribunal on Thursday directed that 100 meters from the edge of Ganga between Haridwar in Uttarakhand and Unnao in Uttar Pradesh should be treated as "no construction or no development zones.

The NGT was disappointed about the fact that all the previous measures and schemes which spent crores to clean up Ganga has not only failed to yield the desired results but also led to an increase in pollution levels. Therefore, the tribunal had come up with a new strategy for the Ganga Project.

It also ordered that anybody who is found dumping any kind of waste in the river will have to pay an environmental compensation of Rs 50,000.

Advocate MC Mehta had filed a petition against pollution in river Ganga. In a judgment, NGT directed that dumping and landfill sites of any kind will not be allowed within 500 meters from the edge of the river or any of its tributaries.

The judgment was in connection to the  Haridwar to Unnao stretch where disposal of municipal solid waste, electronic-waste or bio-medical waste on the floodplains or into Ganga or its tributaries is totally prohibited.

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